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Wellness hotel. That’s what we dream of when our body and mind are weighed down with stress. To sink back in hot steam or melt under a massage. There’s no waiting at the small and intimate LPV Health & Beauty at La Posta Vecchia: we receive only a single guest or a single couple at a time. To regenerate every part of the body, we use products from Antica Casa Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella of Florence, which is celebrating its 400th birthday this year.

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Then there are the natural essences, hot oils and scented candles. And the skilled hands of our staff to bring you back to life. But that’s not all. Treatments can be performed in the privacy of your hotel room, or under the gazebo in a quiet part of the garden. One of our most popular treatments is the candle massage for couples who want to share the pleasure of relaxation. The soft scented vegetable butter, delicately warmed, is applied to the body slowly, for pure pleasure.
It’s hard to choose a single treatment at LPV Health & Beauty at La Posta Vecchia: one look at the treatment list and you’ll want to try them all. To revitalise the body, start with a scrub to gently remove dead skin cells and reactivate the circulation. Then, continue with an anti-aging treatment for the face and body, then try one of the many massages, from relaxation to detox, or revitalising or couple’s massage. Then finish off with a manicure or pedicure. All of these treatments use products produced by Antica Casa Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella of Florence, which has been producing cosmetics, perfumes and ointments for health and wellness for four hundred years. To purify the body and mind deep down, try the calidarium, a steam room, where staff remove dead skin cells using a horsehair glove, easing away physical fatigue and mental stress. In the steam heated to between 45 and 60 degrees centigrade, the pores dilate and release toxins and liquids accumulated in the tissues, the metabolism accelerates and calories are burned more easily following physical activity.

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