Fine cuisine

Michelino Gioia was awarded one Michelin star in 2007 and two Gambero Rosso forks in 2010. The gourmet chef combines love with excellent raw materials. His creations are made with authentic, natural and seasonal ingredients, some of which are grown in the hotel’s own organic garden. His Mediterranean dishes, with no competing flavours, all share lightness and a perfect accord of fragrances, flavours and colours. His goal is to offer his guests an original culinary experience: natural flavour.

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The chef prefers local products but doesn’t let this preference hold back his innovation, search for new taste balances and determination to create dishes in line with our profound need for wellness. He respects Italian gastronomic memories and traditions, but he pushes back its confines with a new and creative spirit. Like a composer, Michelino Gioia seeks to awaken emotions and evoke flavours from the past.
Local flavours and those of the products of the villa’s garden are present in many of the creations on the menu, such as Purgatory pasta and broad beans with herbs from our garden, pear risotto, Bracciano pecorino, Sarawak pepper and garden broad beans, “IGP” Roman lamb with chickpea cream and Tuscia hazelnuts, a selection of Lazio pecorino with our jams and grilled filet of the fish of the day with vegetables. The desserts include ricotta cream and caramelised pears, hazelnut genoise and vanilla sauce, Great Desserts from across the Peninsula, plus fresh homemade ice creams and sorbets.


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