The museum

The foundations of La Posta Vecchia rest on the ruins of a Roman villa, built by an influential nobleman sometime around the second century B.C., as suggested by the size, finish and objects discovered intact during the restoration. This villa used to be part of ancient Alsium, a port city, originally Etruscan but later Roman, which was covered over in subsequent centuries by new buildings, like Castello Odescalchi and its outbuilding.

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The villa’s restoration, ordered by J. Paul Getty, brought to light parts of the ancient walls, coloured mosaic floors, and wall coverings with African and Greek marble, as well as amphorae, vases and large plates, all of which are on display in illuminated display cases. Following this incredible discovery, excavations and restoration were conducted with great care, overseen by the Archaeological Authority, and were not completed until 1970. In the end, all of the objects were cleaned, catalogued and then exhibited in the private museum in the hotel’s basement. To visit the museum (a real one not a virtual one), simply head downstairs near the lobby in La Posta Vecchia. The atmosphere alone is enough to make an evening here unforgettable, but you’ll also remember fondly the creations of the gourmet chef, Michelino Gioia.
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