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Combine passion and tenacity, creativity and technical skill, balance and imagination, add a splash of energy and lots of enthusiasm, and… voilà Michelino Gioia. In 2003, the gourmet chef joined The Cesar, the restaurant at La Posta Vecchia Hotel, after working at the Baglioni in Bologna, the Four Seasons in Milan, and the Hotel Eden in Rome.

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He filled out his curriculum in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse and Gaetano Trovato, where he developed a global vision of cooking and catering that led him to consider, with perfectionist care for every detail, everything from the choice of raw materials to the atmosphere in the dining room. Chef Gioia is convinced that every guest deserves kindness, attention and discretion, plus a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. And believe you me, it’s difficult to forget a lunch or dinner prepared by him.
After reading his CV, one would be forgiven in expecting a diva, but our Michelin chef is a simple and somewhat reserved man, who prefers his kitchen to the high life. Passionate about his work and Mediterranean cuisine, Michelino Gioia uses innovative techniques to transform traditional Italian recipes into contemporary creations. His greatest satisfaction lies in combining flavours and colours in a harmonious way. However, when creating and preparing his recipes, he respects two fundamental rules: give the right value to the natural aspects of products and strengthen the ties with the land. If you’d like to learn the secrets of his authentic and healthy cuisine, and amaze your friends with a very special meal, take a cooking class with him at La Posta Vecchia. Even beginners can learn the tricks of the trade and turn simple ingredients into original dishes.

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